Photo credit: Brett Brown
Photo credit: Brett Brown
Photo credit: Brett Brown

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HyperSext City

presented by Monash University XYX Lab

Opening Night FRI 14 OCT 6pm

TUES – SAT | 10am – 4pm
Sat 15 | 9am – 4pm
Sun 16 | 9am – 4pm

Exhibition runs beyond Design Week, closing on Oct 29.

Who designs our cities? How does gender impact our experience of space, and how can cities be designed to be safe and inclusive for all? Fremantle Design Week is proudly partnering with Monash University XYX Lab to bring the award-winning exhibition ‘HyperSext City’ to West Australian audiences. ‘HyperSext City’ examines the nexus of gender and public space, drawing attention to the experiences of women, girls and LGBTQI+ communities in urban environments.

Through arresting hypergraphics and video works, the show uses data and intersectional gender narratives to make visible and amplify the voices of people who are not often heard. The Fremantle iteration of the show includes local data, and a paste-up campaign is running simultaneously in Fremantle and Melbourne, connecting shared experiences and activism across the continent. 

The exhibition is an extension of the HyperSext Repository, an interactive website and data platform that collates and references data and research by crowdsourcing from communities, researchers and individuals across the globe. Portals at the exhibition encourage audience members to share their own experiences and contribute to driving change.

The ‘HyperSext City’ Exhibition is sponsored by ARUP.

Photo credit: Brett Brown

Monash University XYX Lab is a team of experienced design researchers exploring gender-sensitive design practices and theory. Our work operates at the intersection of gender, identity, urban space and advocacy. Through our research, we make tangible the experiences of under-represented communities in urban space and planning. XYX Lab is grounded in feminist and queer theory and activated through real-world projects. Equal parts qualitative and quantitative research, we collect and analyse data and experiences to generate deeper understanding and support our design projects.

Our approach is inclusive of all gender and sexual identities. Building equity into urban life requires long-term vision and a strategic – often radical – approach to the design process. Rather than offering quick-fix design solutions, our aim is to offer insights and create moments that contribute toward a larger movement for change.

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