Open Studio / The Jacket Shop

with Pia Bennett

SUN 16 | 1PM – 4PM

The Jacket Shop warmly invites you to an open studio event above the Italian Linen store, Busatti, in North Fremantle. The space showcases a collection of jackets and other garments including pieces from the archive that span my 20 year practice as a creative. Located in one of North Fremantle’s heritage buildings, enter through Busatti, with its collection of 8th Generation Italian fabrics, and climb the staircase to discover an authentic, quiet and experimental creative space. 

The Jacket Shop is located above Busatti at:
257 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle

My name is Pia Bennett and the name of my studio / retail space is The Jacket Shop.

My label’s ethos has always been slow fashion, ethically produced using a combination of unique and high-quality fabrics. The limited-edition garments take their inspiration from fabric collected and sourced in familiar and unfamiliar places and my art practice – a practice that speaks of magnificent and apocalyptic imaginings.  
The label’s driving force is to create unique, timeless pieces that challenge the idea of mass production. Each garment combines classic tailoring with an unexpected detail or twist in the story. I approach fashion design in a similar way to how I might make a work of art, arranging colours, patterns, form and texture, each piece different from the next.