Woven Faces with Carla Adams

at Stackwood

SAT 15 | 9AM – 12PM

Join local artist Carla Adams to create a woven self portrait or face to represent the people in your own life. Reflect on the way features and facial expressions help to express emotion and personality to create your own unique work.

In this workshop, we’ll start out by learning some quick figurative drawing techniques, and translate them into resolved multi-media artworks. You’ll then use sash cord to create your face and finish it off using fun curated objects from Carla’s personal collection such as shells, pearls and gems.

You’ll go home with one completed work and the skills to keep making at home.

This is a fun, experimental workshop that raises questions about how we see each other, and read each-other’s faces

Stackwood is located at:
10 Stack Street,
Fremantle, WA

For questions about this event please contact the organiser.

At Stackwood, learning new skills is an important part of what drives us. Whether it be plant-care knowledge passed on by our nursery experts or face-to-face classes with one of our favourite local artists, we couldn’t think of anything better to put energy towards. Learning to make or do something slows us down, encourages presence in the moment and cultivates a more mindful way of living.